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17 February 2017Catherine Dow Family Law
“TRAPPED IN A LOVELESS MARRIAGE”, ran the newspaper headlines on 15TH February. Don’t be put off! This is not a matter of “an old male Judge” finding favour with “an old male Husband”, as some newspapers would have you believe. Rather, it is likely simply a case of the Wife not having reached the’ threshold criteria’ required to prove the ground of unreasonable behaviour, required by Statute. Laws governing various aspects of our lives are there for a reason, and are designed to bring order and structure  so that we can all operate by the same rules without having  an advantage…
27 November 2015Akash Soni Family Law
Following the Supreme Court’s judgement in the cases of Sharland and Gohill, Jo Edwards, Chair of Resolution said:- “The success of Mrs Sharland and Mrs Gohill today is a clear indicator that anything less than full and frank disclosure of assets in divorce cases will not be tolerated by the Courts, where this has an outcome on the Order  that the Court would otherwise have made. This has significant implications for other cases where assets are suspected of having been concealed, and could see many other recently finalised cases being re-opened.”-opened.”
07 October 2015Akash Soni Family Law
Following the introduction of marriages of same sex couples in March 2014, the number of Civil Partnerships formed in England and Wales has fallen by 70% from 5,646 in 2013 to 1,683 in 2014. The decline in Civil Partnerships was disclosed in the latest figures produced for the Office of National Statistics.
10 May 2015Akash Soni Family Law
[push h="20"]“According to Ministry of Justice figures, the number of cases in which both parties were represented during the period July to September 2014 stood at 24%, and in 28% of all cases before the Family Courts, both parties were unrepresented. In 2013/2014, more parents went to Court without a lawyer, making a total of 57% of all parents who attended Court. This increase of people representing themselves may stem from a number of reasons but could, in part, be a fear of incurring legal costs, particularly if the question of costs has been badly explained  in the past, or…

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