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The experienced family law solicitors at Breakthrough Family Law have been working with clients to provide clear, straightforward and sympathetic advice when going through civil partnership dissolution proceedings since the Civil Partnership Act 2014 came into force. We know how difficult these proceedings can be, but you can rest assured we are on your side, working tirelessly to help you preserve your assets.

Do couples in civil partnerships receive the same legal treatment as married couples?

If you are in a civil partnership, you have the right to the same legal treatment as married couples across a range of issues.

How is a civil partnership brought to an end?

For a civil partnership to be dissolved, you must apply to the court for a Dissolution Order. Once this has been granted your civil partnership will be officially brought to an end, cancelling all legal duties that the civil partnership places on the parties.

Does the Dissolution Order deal with arrangements for children?

No, this process does not involve making final arrangements for your children or any financial settlement. These matters will be sorted out either by agreement between the parties or by applying to the court if this is not possible.

What are the grounds for dissolution of a civil partnership?

The only ground for dissolution is that the civil partnership has irretrievably broken down. The party applying for the Dissolution Order will need to rely on one of four facts to show that the civil partnership has broken down.

  • Unreasonable behaviour – their partner has behaved in a way that means they cannot reasonably be expected to live with them. This might include having a relationship with another person.
  • Desertion – their partner has left them for a period of two years.
  • Two years separation with consent – the couple have lived separately for two years leading up to the beginning of the dissolution process, and both partners consent to the Order being granted.
  • Five years separation – the couple have lived separately for five years leading up to the beginning of the dissolution process. If this is the case, there is no need for both partners to give their consent for the Dissolution Order to be granted.

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