Why Choose Breakthrough Family Mediation? 

Mediation Family Lawyers expert team

Our panel of specialist mediators has been strictly vetted through our selection process so you can be sure that we will provide the best mediator for your dispute. We have key mediators within different types of mediation. Akash Soni is a qualified Solicitor and a trained mediator resolving disputes within family, community and workplace. Mrs Jeannette Redway (recognised as the best divorce lawyer and mediator within Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

Nationwide coverage

We have mediators available across the UK, available at short notice if needed to offer you mediation information. 

Straightforward booking

Our knowledgeable booking team will set up your mediation session arrangements with you, ensuring that all parties’ requirements are met.

Value for money

Our fees are clearly set out so participants can fully understand the costs.  We tailor our mediation package to suit you and your special circumstance.

Mediation process 

At Breakthrough Family Law, our dedicated team of experienced family law solicitors ensures a successful resolution to your family law disputes through personalised mediation sessions. 

During each mediation session at Breakthrough Family Law, our team of expert lawyers provide a supportive and impartial environment to facilitate communication and guide you towards mutually beneficial resolutions. 

Make An Enquiry Today

To ensure you receive the best law advice available and discover our other family law services, please call us now on 01494 776 696 or Make An Online Enquiry and we will get back to you right away.

We inspire trust and confidence in our clients by offering high- quality advice in a clear, straightforward and compassionate manner.

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