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Breakthrough Family Law’s team of divorce lawyers offer high- quality legal advice tailored to your needs and circumstances. We have specialist high net worth divorce solicitors with many years of experience working with high net worth clients who are going through the process of a divorce, advising from the earliest stage to help them retain their assets as far as possible.

Call or contact us now on 01494 776696 or Make An Online Enquiry and you will soon be talking with one of our family law specialists.

Call us now on 01494 776696 or Make An Online Enquiry and you will soon be talking with one of our family law specialists.

Why are high net worth divorce cases more complicated?

These types of cases are made more complex because they will normally involve a range of high-value assets, business interests, property, tax liability considerations and pensions. One or both of the spouses may have assets related to ongoing businesses, including shareholdings.

As such, it is vitally important that these businesses are valued accurately to make sure the financial settlement reflects each party’s entitlement. This will require those involved to instruct financial experts to carry this out, as well as divorce solicitors who have experience in dealing with high-value and financially-complex cases.

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What are the most important considerations in high net worth divorce cases?

Consideration needs to be given to how each of the parties’ wealth and assets impact on the lifestyle the family has enjoyed during the marriage. This includes:

  • Child maintenance – making sure that children continue to have their emotional and financial needs met in the same way after the divorce (this might mean ensuring they are able to continue attending private schools, to pursue particular interests and to take regular holidays)

  • The residual value of any pensions held by the parties

  • Any properties held by the parties

  • Personal assets, including prestige assets such as yachts, planes or cars

  • A significant asset

  • Any trust held by the spouses – the nature and purpose of these will be considered when deciding if they can be challenged or safeguarded during divorce proceedings

  • Onshore and offshore assets

Our team of specialist lawyers can advise your legal rights as man or woman when facing a divorce. 

It is important you have someone with specialist financial knowledge handling your affairs, as in some cases for example a spouse will attempt to conceal assets or only offer a limited disclosure when it comes to their financial affairs. Parties in these cases can sometimes delay in getting specialist legal advice – it is important to act quickly so that assets are not disposed of. Getting expert legal advice at the earliest stage means that assets can be frozen if necessary, regardless of whether these are based in the UK or internationally.

You are best placed instructing someone with expert knowledge to advise you on the tax implications arising from properties, employee contracts and benefits, and other assets of high-value at the earliest stage of divorce proceedings. Employing the services and specialist advice of a solicitor from Breakthrough Family Law, with many years’ experience handling financially-complex divorce cases, can provide a great degree of support and reassurance when it comes to reducing your tax liabilities following the conclusion of divorce proceedings.

Divorce can significantly impact an individual’s net worth, depending on a variety of factors, including the nature of the marital assets, the jurisdiction where the divorce takes place, the existence of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, and how assets and debts are divided between the spouses.

While this overview gives a general understanding, the actual impact of divorce on one’s net worth can be complex and is influenced by various specific factors. Hence, consulting with a professional who specialises in high net worth divorces can provide the necessary guidance based on your individual situation.

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