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What is Family Mediation?

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Family Mediation/Dispute Resolution

This is an alternative way for couples/families to find creative solutions and outcomes where there is relationship breakdown and difficulty communicating. We are highly skilled and trained to help you through the emotional rollercoaster experienced on relationship breakdown and guide you towards the outcomes you want. You are always in control and we manage your conflict and support both of you through the whole process. We don’t take sides We don’t make judgements we remain impartial we are respectful and understanding of a process which can be emotionally painful and difficult.

Other issues our family mediators deal with?

Children Matters – Where they will live, Who they will see, Choice of schools, Who takes decisions about them, Religious upbringing, Holidays, Financial maintenance, Children’s property rights. Starting relationships – Negotiating pre nups, Living together arrangements, Mediating sharing living space with an elderly parent or other dependant Re starting relationships – Negotiating pre nups, Negotiating Post nups, Living together arrangements, Reconciliation, Mediating retiring arrangements Ending Relationships – Divorce, Separation, Dissolution of Civil Partnership, Children leaving home, Reconciliation Money and Property – Financial maintenance on divorce, Separation or relationship breakdown, Property, Pensions, Assets and debts on divorce, Separation or relationship breakdown, Disputes about wills or inheritance following a family death, Disputes about family businesses Civil and Commercial Disputes – Any types of Civil and Commercial disputes can be mediated saving all involved a considerable amount of time, money and stress. Our specialist family law solicitors serve our clients across Bucks, Berks, Herts and Middlesex. Some clients work with us remotely, others we can visit at home or they can visit our offices in AmershamBeaconsfieldBerkhamstedCheshamChorleywoodGerrard’s Cross, High Wycombe, Rickmansworth or The Chalfonts. Wherever you are, let Breakthrough Family Law provide you with the specialist advice that you need.

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