[push h=”20″]“According to Ministry of Justice figures, the number of cases in which both parties were represented during the period July to September 2014 stood at 24%, and in 28% of all cases before the Family Courts, both parties were unrepresented. In 2013/2014, more parents went to Court without a lawyer, making a total of 57% of all parents who attended Court. This increase of people representing themselves may stem from a number of reasons but could, in part, be a fear of incurring legal costs, particularly if the question of costs has been badly explained  in the past, or worse still, not explained at all. The family legal process, if not understood correctly, has many potential pitfalls which could result in unfair and inadequate financial settlements being achieved by a Husband or Wife, with life changing consequences. Legal costs, when paid, should ensure the services of experts in the field of family law who will use their specialist knowledge and experience to carve out the best possible financial outcome for whichever person they represent, be it Husband or Wife, and their children, with a view to the overall gain far outweighing the cost.”

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