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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential and civilised way to settle your dispute simply and quickly.

It is a process which enables parties to resolve disputes through dialogue and negotiation, facilitated by an impartial, qualified third party – the mediator. 

The mediator does not take sides, judge or give advice, their role is to facilitate discussions objectively, helping the disputing parties to identify the core of their dispute and arrive at a solution which works for them. 

Mediation is a voluntary process. It is confidential and “without prejudice”, so parties are free to discuss matters openly. Issues can be resolved swiftly and, if a solution is not found through the mediation process, parties are free to resume legal proceedings. 

Why choose mediation? 

There are many advantages to choosing mediation:: 

  • significantly reduces costs
  • greater flexibilty
  • allows swift resolution of disputes
  • enables repair and renewal of relationships
  • can be used in almost all types of disputes.

Types of mediation we do

  • Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation
  • Workplace Mediation
  • Community mediation
"Very quick turnaround, clear and sensible approach and very supportive!"


Why Choose Breakthrough Family Mediation?

Expert team

Our panel of specialist mediators has been strictly vetted through our selection process so you can be sure that we will provide the best mediator for your dispute. We have key mediators within different types of mediation. Akash Soni is a qualified Solicitor and a trained mediator resolving disputes within family, community and workplace. Mrs Jeannette Redway (recognised as the best divorce lawyer and mediator within Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. 

Nationwide coverage  

We have mediators available across the UK, available at short notice if needed.

Straightforward booking

Our knowledgeable booking team will set up your mediation arrangements with you, ensuring that all parties’ requirements are met.

Value for money

Our fees are clearly set out so participants can fully understand the costs.

We tailor our mediation package to suit you and your special circumstance.

How does mediation work?

BFLS office team receives case referrals, assigns suitable mediators and handles the preparations in liaison with the referrer. Our service is flexible, but a typical workplace mediation would take place on a single day as follows:

Stage 1: Introductory meetings

Our mediators, meet each client involved in the dispute separately and in confidence. They listen to what has been happening, find out how they would like things to be in future, and explain the mediation process.

Stage 2: Preparation meeting

Meeting the clients separately again, the mediators prepare them for the mediation meeting.  This valuable support helps the clients to express themselves in a way that will be heard by the other person, leading to the best possible outcome from the process.

Stage 3: Mediation meeting

The clients come together with the mediators. Each client has an opportunity to speak and listen and, with the mediators help, they explore the dispute, identify their respective needs and find mutually acceptable solutions. Points of agreement and action are recorded and signed.

The role of the mediators

The mediators help clients to talk and listen to each other constructively, in a safe environment. They don’t take sides, judge the rights and wrongs of disputes, or provide opinions or advice. They are skilled in helping clients to look to the future and work out their own lasting solutions.

The agreement

The agreement clearly records what the clients have said they will do to improve the situation and how they will handle any future problems.

The agreement is not legally binding; its success relies on the goodwill of the clients. It is confidential and will only be shared with others with the clients’ consent.


We contact each client 1 month later by phone to offer further support as necessary, 3 months and 6 months by email.

Family Dispute Resolution/Mediation 

This is an alternative way for couples/families to find creative solutions and outcomes where there is relationship breakdown and difficulty communicating.  We are highly skilled and trained to help you through the emotional rollercoaster  experienced on relationship breakdown and guide you towards the outcomes you want.

You are always in control and we manage your conflict and support both of you through the whole process.

We don’t take sides We don’t make judgements we remain impartial we are respectful and understanding of a process which can be emotionally painful and difficult.

Other issues our family mediators deal with?

Children MattersWhere they will live, Who they will see, Choice of schools, Who takes decisions about them, Religeous upbringing, Holidays, Financial maintenance, Children’s property rights.

Starting relationshipsNegotiating pre nups, Living together arrangements, Mediating sharing living space with an elderly parent or other dependant

Re starting relationshipsNegotating pre nups, Negotiating Post Nups, Living together arrangements, Reconciliation, Mediating retiring arrangements

Ending RelationshipsDivorce, Separation, Dissolution of Civil Partnership, Children leaving home, Reconciliation

Money and PropertyFinancial maintenance on divorce, Separation or relationship breakdown, Property, Pensions, Assets and debts on divorce, Separation or relationship breakdown, Disputes about wills or inheritance following a family death, Disputes about family businesses

Civil and Commercial Disputes – Any types of Civil and Commerical disputes can be mediated saving all involved a considerable amount of time, money and stress.

Workplace mediation

A degree of conflict in an organisation can be a helpful driver of creativity, innovation and productivity. But when tensions lead to disagreements which are not properly managed, conflict becomes destructive and can cycle out of control.

The following are commonly cited as causes of conflict in the workplace:

  • personality differences or different styles of working
  • organisational change and how it is managed
  • lack of co-operation or active obstruction
  • bullying or harrassment allegations
  • discrimination allegations
  • dysfunctional team relationships

Our mediators can help to resolve conflicts between individuals in a line management relationship, between other colleagues (internal or external), or between teams. As well as providing an alternative to grievance or disciplinary procedures, mediation can deal effectively with all kinds of conflict in almost any situation where those concerned are willing to participate and an informal solution is possible.

As impartial third parties, our mediators enable participants to have a structured conversation, to build understanding and find mutually acceptable solutions, thus offering the chance of lasting resolution.  

Community Mediation

Community mediation is a process used in resolving disputes within the local community. It is a service that is usually offered free of charge to members of the community who are unable to afford legal or mediation costs. Community mediation works particularly well, not only because of the techniques used, but also because the majority of the mediators are trained members of their own community, who reflect the community’s diversity with regard to age, race, gender and ethnicity.

Breakthrough ADR is committed to promoting stronger and happier communities. Our experienced community mediators have worked extensively with members of their respective communities in various capacities, from providing free legal advice or mediation to volunteering as panel members of the Youth Offending Service.

We work with communities, local councils and housing associations to help implement and maintain a free community mediation service for the benefit of those who live or work in the community. We also assist in mediating community disputes directly, where there is no community mediation scheme, at low cost. Our mediators can help resolve a wide range of community disputes involving:

  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Noise
  • Air pollution
  • Trespassing
  • Property boundaries
  • High hedges
  • Parking
  • Shared spaces
  • Debt
  • Maintenance/repairs/building works
  • Rubbish/bins
  • Allegations of harassment
  • Pets
  • Boisterous children
  • Unruly behaviours
  • Overhanging trees

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