You may have seen the recent report of a senior Judge from the Liverpool Family Court who has been very critical of some lawyers who ‘double book’ cases coming before the Court. Court listings departments all over the Country may sometimes, without realising, schedule more than one case at the same time on the same day in separate court rooms, where one firm of solicitors happens to be acting in all, or more than one, of the matters. It has been the policy of some firms to simply send one legal representative to court to cover all the cases, which can cause significant problems for clients who will inevitably feel that their own matter is not receiving 100% attention from their lawyer, as they watch their representative darting from one court room to another. At Breakthrough, we would never allow this to happen to any of our clients and will always ensure we make arrangements to facilitate ‘one to one’ representation for each of our clients at Court, so as to provide uninterrupted and dedicated representation at such an important time.

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“Breakthrough’s team negotiated joint custody of our child on the basis of what was best for him. Thank you Catherine for guiding us so skilfully through the process.”

M Rose

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