Don’t be fooled into thinking you do not need legal advice on the new Divorce Petition

On 7th August 2017, a new form of Divorce Petition is to be used, and will be available on the Government website to download. The impression given is that the new Petition is designed with a view to an individual being able to complete and submit the Petition to the court themselves. At first sight, it might look straightforward as it contains ‘helpful’ notes for guidance next to each section of the document. However, these notes do not tell the whole story and they certainly do not give legal advice. There are pits and traps (as with the old Petition), particularly, for example, in relation to how the section concerning financial claims is to be completed and how allegations of unreasonable behaviour are explained. If omissions are made, this could severely affect the outcome of any financial settlement or order. At Breakthrough, we can help you to correctly complete the Petition so that you are not disadvantaged.

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“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your professional service throughout my divorce process.”

R Stratton

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