“TRAPPED IN A LOVELESS MARRIAGE”, ran the newspaper headlines on 15TH February. Don’t be put off! This is not a matter of “an old male Judge” finding favour with “an old male Husband”, as some newspapers would have you believe. Rather, it is likely simply a case of the Wife not having reached the’ threshold criteria’ required to prove the ground of unreasonable behaviour, required by Statute. Laws governing various aspects of our lives are there for a reason, and are designed to bring order and structure  so that we can all operate by the same rules without having  an advantage over another person. Even if you agree with many current commentators that the time is ripe for our divorce laws to change, we are all stuck with them for the time being and so we have to work with them –  and around them. Clearly, an important aspect of starting divorce proceedings is that you set off on the right foot. We can guide you here at Breakthrough to start the process correctly, using the appropriate grounds for divorce and ensuring, importantly, that you have sufficient evidence in support of your ground before you commit yourself to  paying the non-refundable court fee and issuing proceedings – only to find the ground you have chosen (incorrectly) is  rejected by a Judge. As experts in the field of family law, these checks and balances can easily be achieved by us, on your behalf, at our first meeting and which will likely save you time, as well as cost, in the future.

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