Are you unable to locate your Husband or Wife? Don’t be put off trying to end your marriage simply because you are unable to find your Husband or Wife. Laws surrounding marriage breakdown do allow for marriages to be brought to an end in circumstances where one or other party to a marriage has ‘disappeared’ or gone to ground. At Breakthrough, we can guide you through the procedure involved and assist you to achieve a Decree Absolute, which is the final decree of divorce. It is also possible to obtain a final order in relation to the financial aspects of the marriage and to obtain orders about the children’s welfare, even though the whereabouts of your Husband or Wife might remain a mystery to you. If you are scared or worried about your Husband or Wife finding out what you are doing, particularly if you have suffered violence at their hands in the past, we can assist you with an application to the Court to withhold your own contact details within the process. In this way, you can rest assured that your Husband or Wife will not be able to find you as a result of the Court proceedings you have taken. As specialists in family law, we can help you with all these matters and would be very happy to do so.

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